Slap-Happy Armored Monks, also known as Female Fools, are enemies that that appear in the Dream Weavers homeworld. There is a cannon in this realm that shoots magical beams, which change the size of these creatures—they alternate between small and large. Spyro can defeat the fools by charging them when they are small. They are invincible in their larger form because they are coated with armor.

When they are large and Spyro approaches one, they start waving their arms and blabber incoherently. When they are small, they do little, but scream when Spyro charges at them.


  • In their larger forms, as soon as Spryo charges at one of them while changing back to its smaller form after the magical beam hits, the Slap-Happy Armored Monk do takes damage. It was likely a glitch.

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