Skylanders Unite! is the pilot episode of the Skylanders Academy television series.


The cadets come together for graduation day, but Spyro will need to overcome his bad attitude and big ego to join his friends as a Skylander.


The episode begins with the narrator introducing the viewers to the world of Skylands. A purple egg hatches into a baby dragon named Spyro, who wanders away from the nest and encounters three evil Greebles. The Greebles plan on eating Spyro, but the baby dragon defeats his enemies by breathing fire on the Greeble leader and knocking around another Greeble senseless. The third Greeble promptly admits defeat, with Spyro cheering for his own victory. A tall, old wizard known as Master Eon then approaches Spyro, having witnessed his efforts and coaxes him over with a half-eaten hot dog as a peace offering. Seeing how special Spyro is, the old wizard holds the baby dragon in his arms and carries him out of the forest.

Featured characters


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  • Eon's beard is longer in this episode. But after Kaos breaks it, it becomes much shorter in the later episodes as Eon regrows it.
  • Holograms of Wolfgang and Broccoli Guy are used in the Skylander Games, long before their existence is revealed.

Errors & Mistakes

  • When being lectured by Jet-Vac in class, Spyro's horns tilt upwards when he leans back in his seat.
  • While Kaos discusses his plan with Glumshanks near his evil plot planning board, a piece of paper falls out of it, only to disappear in the next frame.
  • In the flashback where baby Spyro steals the bottle from Master Eon, Eon's beard is long in most shots, but short in the one where he falls out of the window.


  • In production, this episode is the first two-parter, and the only one as of Season 1. However, in its Netflix release, the pilot is a single 40-minute episode.
  • At the end of the episode, Glumshanks momentarily calls his master "Steve", revealing the knows about the mocking nicknames used by the heroes.
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