The Skylanders are legendary heroes and champions in the world of Skylands, as well as the only playable characters in the Skylanders series. Their ancient mission is to protect Skylands, and its magical Core of Light, a great machine that repelled The Darkness, the ultimate force behind all evil. Using their magical powers and machinery, the Skylanders defended their world for generations, keeping peace and balance.

The most powerful of all Skylanders are the Giants, who are also known as the Elder Elementals.


Each Skylander has their own unique personality. They are freedom fighters in spirit, living for action and their love for battle. United by their unique abilties and loyalty to their leader, Master Eon, as well to each other, family, and friends, the Skylanders all share the purpose and destiny to protecting Skylands from all things evil.[1]


Each Skylander wields a single element: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Undead, Magic, and Tech. In addition, each Skylander is weak against one certain element in the Battle Arena: Earth is weak against Air, which is weak against Fire, which is weak against Water, which is weak against Life, which is weak against Undead, which is weak against Magic, which is weak against Tech, which is weak against Earth.



It was said that the Giants were the original Skylanders, and the first to exist. The Giants battled against the tyrannical Arkeyans for the freedom of Skylands. In a final battle against the Arkeyans, the Giants were shot to Earth as a form of sacrifice, where they’ve been buried underground ever since. As the years passed, the enormous Skylanders were soon considered as a myth.

Time went on, and many brave Skylanders helped protect Skylands from all things evil, and protecting the Core of Light from the forces of darkness. Despite the fact that the Skylanders come from different realms and worlds, each know that it is their destiny to use their abilities to protect Skylands.

The Skylanders have an unbreakable bond with their Portal Masters. Though they are not servants, the Skylanders chose to serve their Portal Master and do so eagerly.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

For generations, the Skylanders worked with the Portal Masters in keeping peace and balance in their world, battling the forces of darkness, and protecting the Core of Light. The Skylanders were previously led by the veteran Portal Master, Master Eon, who was their leader, until The Darkness returned one day. Seeing the incoming threat, Eon called upon six of the Skylanders to prepare for battle as the evil Portal Master, Kaos, returned from his exile to once again attempt to destroy the Core of Light and rule Skylands as its emperor. By Eon's command, the Skylanders fought valiantly against Kaos's dark forces, but as they were winning the struggle, Kaos released his Hydra, who successfully destoyed the Core of Light in a devastating blast.

Shortly after the Core's destruction, all of the Skylanders were banished from Skylands to Earth, where they were turned into toys as a result of Earth bearing no magic, and waited for a new Portal Master to find them. Although Master Eon survived the destruction of the Core of Light, he became a spirit and was unable to fight Kaos and The Darkness, leaving the duty of leading the Skylanders to the new, young Portal Master. After Master Eon recruited the new Portal Master, the Skylanders made their suprising return to Skylands, arriving on the Shattered Island to save its Mabu inhabitants from a freak tornado that was ravaging their village. The heroes then began their quest to save Skylands from Kaos' tyranny with the new Portal Master guiding them.

After Kaos's defeat in his lair, three of the Skylanders (Spyro, Gill Grunt, and Trigger Happy) returned to the Ruins with the captive Kaos, and Hugo later banished the evil Portal Master to Earth where he was shrunk and turned into a toy. However, Master Eon hinted to the new Portal Master that the journey with their Skylanders was only the beginning.

List of Skylanders

There are many Skylanders who have caught Master Eon's attention and joined the cause to battle the dark forces who threaten the world of Skylands. The famous purple dragon himself even joined the ranks, becoming leader of the modern-day Skylanders.

This list shows only the Skylanders from Spyro's Adventure and the Skylanders who have interacted with Spyro. To see the updated list of Skylanders, please go to the Skylanders page over at the Skylanders Wikia.

The Main Skylanders









Additional Skylanders




  • Sun Dragon (the Chinese dragon Skylander) is the early version of Camo. Changes to Camo's character design was made late in production, which is why Sun Dragon was still shown in The Beginning trailer.[2]
  • There's a dragon Skylander for each element, three of which are hybrids between dragons and another species.
  • All of the Skylanders originally spoke their own gibberish languages, but as the project went on, Toys for Bob decided to give fourteen of them actual English lines.[3]
  • In Spyro's Adventure, all Skylanders have at least one (and some as many as four) unique animations that only run when they’re getting upgraded. They are some of the most complex and creative animations in the game.[3]
  • In Skylanders: Giants, the Skylanders each display their own personality, such as when they are entering their respective elemental gates or zones, putting on hats, winning battles, or seeing their statistics.
    • When the Skylanders enter an elemental zone that is not their element, they groan in fustration, sigh, or growl in disbelief.
  • The Skylanders are friends with the Fairies, particularly because fairies can turn treasure into upgrade magic that gives the Skylanders new powers and abilities, including fresh breath.
  • When a Skylander travels through a portal, it is usual for them to yell out a fierce battle cry when they appear. In fact, every year, there is a contest to see whose battle cry is the loudest; the most frightening, and at best for making milk shoot out from people's noses.
  • When Skylanders are defeated in battle, they are instantly teleported back home where they can heal and rest.


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