Skeletons are undead warriors in Spyro: A Hero's Tail that are found in Gloomy Glacier. They fight with swords and a shield. They can also be summoned by a Wizard. Skeletons seem to be very fast and wear white clothing. They are also found in the Blink minigame in Frostbite Village.


Skeletons are stronger than the average Gnorc. Skeletons wear white clothing and use swords and a shield to defend themselves. Hunter cannot defeat them from a distance because shooting an arrow doesn't affect them at all. Hunter has to use close range attacks to defeat them. They seem to like to run as they run around areas in the Gloomy Glacier. Skeletons take a single Blink laser to be defeated. The Skeletons yell when they are defeated. Skeletons also glow red when under Blink's goggles, like most enemies except Dark Vines.


  • Strangely even when you hit the Skeleton's shield with Blink laser the Skeleton still gets defeated.
  • Spyro never fights the skeletons; only Blink and Hunter do.