Showman Gnorcs are a type of Big Gnorcs found in Dragon Shores. They seem to be in charge of the carnival rides and reward Spyro tokens for completing the minigames. The Showman Gnorcs are unusual in that, unlike regular Gnorcs, they are not antagonistic towards Spyro and in fact seem to be allied with the Dragons instead of Gnasty Gnorc

Named Showmen

  • Gatekeeper Gniles allows Spyro entry once he has collected enough orbs and gems.
  • Showman Gnick runs a dunk booth.
  • Showman Gnelson runs the shooting gallery. 
  • Showman Gnorm runs the tunnel of love.
  • Showman Gnigel runs the roller coaster.
  • Showman Gned runs the theater.


  • In keeping with the naming scheme of the Gnorc race, these Gnorcs' names all begin with an "n" sound but are spelled "gn."