Shadow Wings are an elite variant of Dreadwings that appeared in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. They are commonly ridden by Wraiths. In the main game, they only appear in the background and only the one that Assassin rides is fought, but various Shadow Wings appear in the third Dragon Challenge of the game to be fought up close.

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  • The Shadow Wings in the Dragon Challenge do not appear to be properly finished. They'll unnaturaly slide backwards after being hit a few times(even sliding off the plataform), and when defeated by a magic attack, will frantically run away from Spyro and stay at zero health, not dying until they are hit with a melee attack or fall out of the level entirely. They also appear to be unaffected by the bottomless pit in that level, as they fall straight through without dying, unlike other enemies.
    • The Concurrent Skies Dreadwings, seen in the fourth challenge, appear to be reskinned Shadow Wings rather than their A New Beginning version, as they share the same glitches and strange AI.