"Dang cannon just ain't working for me. Do you think you can blast that bird, soldier? Jump up here and give it a try."
—Sergeant Tub

Sergeant Tub is a Land Blubber who appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He is a Sergeant Landblubber in Zephyr under to Col. Blub.


Sergeant Tub is first seen trying to shoot down a Breezebuilder Chick with his cannon until someone taps his shoulder causing him to turn around revealing who tapped him was a Breezebuilder Parrot holding a bomb face to face. The Breezebuilder opens Tub's mouth throwing the bomb inside forcing him to swallow it and walks away. Nothing happened for a while, then the bomb explodes inside his stomach causing him to cough up smoke.

Spyro meets him and he lets him use his cannon to shoot down the Breezebuilder Parrot and he tells him to feel free to use his cannon.

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