The Satyrs, along with the female Fauns, are residents who reside in Fracture Hills. Once released from the stone spell that was cast upon them by the Earthshapers, they will play a magical song on their bagpipes that breaks the spell on the temple entombed in stone. The song will also cause any nearby pigs in the area to get up on two legs and start dancing. Their accent is either Irish or Welsh.


In the first cutscene, one of the Satyrs was playing on his Bagpipe, while a female faun and a pig were dancing to his magical music. This annoyed a nearby Earthshaper, who sent a stone towards the Satyr, turning him into stone statue. With the satyr in stone, the music was halted, bringing the faun's attention to the laughing Earthshaper.

By the time Spyro and Sparx arrived in the realm, it turned out that all six of the Satyrs had been turned into stone by the Earthshapers. With the help of the fauns, the duo were able to save them from their stoney fates, and drove off most of the Earthshapers away from the realm. After each Satyr was freed, he would play on his Bagpipe to free a female faun named Sheila from being trapped within a temple that was covered in stone.

With their realm saved, a Satyr was seen playing more music on his bagpipe, with a faun and a pig dancing right behind him. Three Earthshapers tried to block the song by covering their ears. However, one of them began to dance to it, thumping his feet awkwardly, with a silly face and green eyes, finally accepting the magical music.


  • Strangely, none of the Satyrs have rigged mouths to animate them while they are speaking. This could have been a development oversight.
  • Satyrs come from Greek mythology, and are said to have the body, head and feet of a human, the hips and legs of a goat. They are often confused with Fauns, however Fauns have the hooves of a goat and not the feet of a human.