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Roller Brawl is a Skylander cadet in Skylanders Academy television series.



Roller Brawl is easily impressed and more focused in having fun with her fellow cadets, Wind-Up and Hex. Like them, she has misguided ideas about her unique characteristic, thinking it consists of her balancing ability.


Season 1

Roller Brawl spends her year as a cadet playing with her classmates, appearing to be under the tutelage of Ka-Boom and Snap Shot. Unlike them, she occasionally trains, as seen in Skylanders Unite!.

In Dream Girls, she was one of the students watching Stealth Elf's performance in training, and like the other characters in the Academy, is tormented by Dreamcatcher's sheep-related nightmares. She is later seen in the elf ninja's SED talk.


Roller Brawl/Gallery


  • Roller Brawl's course year is unknown, as she frequently hangs out with both the first-year Wind-Up and the fourth-year Hex.
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