Rock-spitters are a type of enemy found in Cloud Temples. Like the brown Rams, Rock-spitters are first encased in stone and spring to life when approached. They will run to a particular spot in their surroundings where they will stay put; however, when approached again, the creatures will attack via their ability to reproduce and spit rocks at their targets (they spit only one at a time). If they are successful, they will emit a jeering laugh ("Aahh-haa!"(In which they share the same laugh with the 'Lava Monsters' in 'Magma Cone')). A simple flame or charge will not only defeat these pests but will force out from them one last rock upon defeat; here, Spyro can pick up the discarded rocks and spit them at other enemies (including the Rock-spitters themselves).

Rock-spitters are small pink animals that seem to resemble dogs from the neck-down. Their faces simply consist of wide mouths with a large single sharp tooth protruding from the lower-jaw, their wide eyes and unibrows, and their significant ram-horns (with which they do not attack).


  • If one of the Rock-spitters hit Spyro, he says "Ha-Ha!" the catchphrase of Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons.

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