The Robo-Gnorcs are robotic gnorcs that appeared as enemies in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. They have gone through a conversion process by Red in order to create better soldiers. Robo-Gnorcs are found in the Dark Mine and Red's Laboratory, where in the latter, the conversion of the flesh and blood gnorcs into their robotic counterparts can be seen throughout the area. They are superior to normal Gnorcs in every single way by being faster, stronger and possessing better ranged attacks.


  • Although fire is inneffective, most of the robognorc types are all generally vulnerable to the electric breath, as well as freezing them and charging.
  • Middle Robo-gnorcs- Electricity and Freezing effective- must knock out shield to do so.
  • Small Robo-gnorcs- Electricity, Freezing and charging effective.
  • Huge Robo-gnorcs- Electricity and freezing effective.
  • Water breath works only to stun.



  • They bear a great resemblance to the Gundam Mechs.