The Rivenrock Caverns is one of the main areas in the 3DS version of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. They are seriously unstable, with falling stalagmites and columns. Hektore has unleashed hordes of Trolls all over Rivenrock, who will use the unstable structure of the mines to get the drop on the Skylanders.


According to Beaufort, Rivenrock was discovered when a minor earthquake split the ground, and a dazzling light shining from a crevasse led the Seekers to a deposit of Radiance Crystals. The Seekers later abandoned the Rivenrock mines after the tunnels became too dangerous for further excavation, and they couldn't risk lives for crystals. The land shifting under Rivenrock has filled it up with lava flows, making mining dangerous. Wendel that the Rivenrock Caverns weren't a safe place before Hektore arrived. The rails in the mines are broken and the carts aren't even secured, but the old automated machinery still runs.



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