Proxy Jump is a Glitch in the original Spyro trilogy.

Sometimes, when Spyro enters areas he's not supposed to where there's no room for him, Spyro can be sent to normally unreachable areas.

In Magic Crafters, a Proxy jump can occur when you supercharge down the ramp and out toward the Blowhard portal. You may get zapped by a wizard and Spyro will do a Proxy jump.

In Hurricos, a Proxy Jump can be obtained by jumping behind the small windmills, and turning the camera around. After a while, Spyro will fly upwards far above the level.

Spyro 2 Glitches Hurricos Red Button Proxy Jump00:39

Spyro 2 Glitches Hurricos Red Button Proxy Jump

by rvanrompaey

Another well-known Proxy jump occurs in Midnight Mountain, at the portal to Desert Ruins. The right side of the helmet slopes down to the ground. Keep walking into that space created by the helmet and ground, keep holding forward, and jump repeatedly. The game will eventually send Spyro flying upwards, sometimes straight off the cliff.

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