Orbs are special items that appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. They later reappeared in the Skylanders series as part of the treasure.

Orbs are energy sources used by Avalarians to power their portals, along with talismans. You receive Orbs from doing random jobs for the people who live in that world, or finding them hidden away somewhere. Although talismans are the first thing Spyro was told to collect, it turned out that orbs are even more important to the story. The Professor can use the Orbs to seal off Ripto. Not only did they break the seal on the castle door (along with other locks across Avalar), they gave Spyro powerful abilities for a limited period of time. Spyro used this to his advantage when facing Ripto. You need a certain amount of Orbs to reach later levels.

With 64 orbs in all, they are the least abundant of the original collectibles, along with, again, talismans.