The Negative Gem Glitch is a glitch found in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage/Gateway to Glimmer.

This glitch is caused by using the All Abilities cheat in the three homeworlds.

When you use this cheat and pay for Moneybags to learn a new ability, make sure you don't have enough gems or the glitch will not work. Once you don't have enough gems, use the All Abilities cheat and you will be able to do all the abilities. Then, talk to Moneybags. He will act like you have enough gems. When you pay him, the gem amount will stay the same as it was before you paid Moneybags. Now, go to the pause menu. Save your game. Then, quit and go back into the same profile your were just in. When you go back into that profile, you'll notice changes in the gem counts.

  • The gem amount will just be blue and green pixels (sometimes it will say zero).
  • The gem amount on the pause menu will say a negative number.

When you collect gems scattered around the level, the pixels will change design or change to a zero. When you go to the pause menu, the negative gem amount will increase (example: -200 gems, pick up 50 gems; amount changes to -150 gems)


Spyro 2 Negative Gem Glitch-003:08

Spyro 2 Negative Gem Glitch-0

Summer Forest

Spyro 2 Negative Gem Glitch - Autumn Plains-104:58

Spyro 2 Negative Gem Glitch - Autumn Plains-1

Autumn Plains

Spyro 2 Negative Gem Glitch Finale - Winter Tundra07:33

Spyro 2 Negative Gem Glitch Finale - Winter Tundra

Winter Tundra with a bonus at the end

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