Molten Crater is a world set around a lava filled crater. There's also a local Club called the Tiki Lodge that residents and others can visit. Unfortunately, Rhynocs have taken over the realm and exiled all the residents out of the Tiki Lodge. Help one of the residents get back to the Lodge by clearing the way of Rhynocs.



Get to the tiki lodge (Curlie)

Meet up with Rocky near the Tiki Lodge entrance.

Egg by lava river (Rikki)

Along the path with lots of rhynocs and boars, there is a bridge across a lava river. Once you get across, jump across the next lava river and go to the left of the big rock in front of you. There's the egg.

Replace idol heads (Ryan)

This egg is not avalable until after completing Sgt. Byrd's Base, so you'll have to defeat Buzz, first.

Shale is playing hide-and-seek with his friends; in this version, the hiders are beheaded and their heads are (somehow) hidden all over the Tiki Lodge. Your main object is to put the heads back on the five Tikis.

Sgt. Byrd blows up a wall (Luna)

Also, in the Tiki Lodge, there is a cracked wall to the left of the entrance. You'll find an egg if you blow it up.

Catch the thief (Moira)

There's a sealed door near the Tiki Lodge. Pay that greedy Moneybags 300 gems so that he will allow you to enter. Remember those annoying thieves from the first game? They're back, and two of them have the last two Eggs in this world! You see a large raceway laid out for you, so get on there and chase after the Yellow Thief!

Supercharge after the thief (Kermitt)

There's still another one! This Red Thief is faster than the first one, so Stoney will activate the Supercharge Panels so you can catch up. Just catch him like the last one.

Skill Points

  • Assemble tiki heads: As Sgt. Byrd, your main object is to collect Tiki Heads and put them on the bodies. If you manage to bring all five heads to where Shale is, they'll hop around, and you'll get an extra life.
  • Supercharge the wall: There is a breakable wall in the area with the thieves. Just break it and you'll find an extra life behind it.



  • Tikis
    • Rocky
    • Clay
    • Stoney
    • Shale
    • Five others



Molten Crater - Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Molten Crater - Part 1

Spyro Year of the Dragon - 100% - Molten Crater - Part 1



  • You can complete the Tiki Lodge minigame before defeating Buzz and before completing Sgt. Byrd's Base. There are two vertical logs that stick up at the end of the bridge just before the entrance to the minigame. Jump onto the smaller one, then the higher one, then glide (and hover if you have to) towards the entrance to portal. There is a patch above the door that you can walk through. Watch this video to see how it works!
  • Molten Crater was mentioned in the beginning of Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, when Ripto threatened to send Gulp back where he came from (unemployed in Molten Crater, begging for work from Gnasty Gnorc).
    • As the forgotten worlds were forgotten by the dragons, it is unknown how Gnasty would have found this level.
  • In the PAL and non-Greatest Hits version of the game, Dino Mines shares the same music as Molten Crater.
  • It's assumed Luna, an antagonist in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters, is named after a dragon found in the Tiki Lodge.
  • The flowers in the demo are yellow.
  • The pathway from the beginning to the end area was made impossible to jump back onto as the gateway was higher on the demo. In the final release, the passage is lower so that Spyro can pass through if the level has been finished.
  • The skybox in this level is also used in the Sorceress cutscenes.