This article is about the Moles from the Classic and Legend series.. You may be looking for the mole-like race from Skylanders.

The Moles are a race who appeared in both Original Spyro series and The Legend of Spyro trilogy.


Original series

In the Original series, there were two notable moles: one called the Professor and the other one called Blink. Two more moles were revealed later in the series, who were both relatives to the Professor and Blink. In Spyro: Shadow Legacy, it is assumed that they inhabit a realm in the Forgotten Realms called Moleville.

The Legend of Spyro series

In The Legend of Spyro series, before Malefor's existence, the Moles were friends with the Dragons, and to honor their friendship, they built the Dragon City of Warfang. They seem to be a highly-advanced race specializing in technology, as shown with their weaponry and machinery. The moles are also notable to have participated in the battle against Malefor's army in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon.


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