Mining Is The Key is the Heroic Challenge provided by Ignitor and takes place in TheMines. In order to clear the level, Skylanders must grab the pickaxe they find the start and use it to find keys embedded in the rocks around them by digging into them. Upon unlocking the final gate, the player finds a cross-shaped charm awaiting them. Earth Skylanders and have the benefit of being able to break the rocks more quickly without the pickaxe. Rhu-Barbs/Trog Pinchers are a common sight, as well as Bone 'n' Arrows/Drow Archers and Trogmanders.

Upon completion, the Skylander gains a permanent +8 bonus to Speed.

Clearing the Challenge

The Skylanders have to get past six locked doors in order to proceed. The keys are buried in one of the rocks in the room the gate is in. The placement of the keys in each room is random every time the challenge is played. The final room requires the player to obtain two keys instead of one.

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