The Minidragons are small, dragon-like creatures in Spyro: Shadow Legacy that reside in the cages of the Aviary in Wizard Peak.


The Minidragons were created by the Wizards in honor of the Dragons, whom they thought highly of. However, these creatures were meant to be a weapon against the Fairies, as the Wizards believed them to be evil. In their eagerness for their valued creations, they failed to see that the Minidragons were a threat to the magical balance the Dragons had long sought to maintain. At Longorin's request for the sake of the Fairies, Spyro released the Minidragons from their cages and they disappeared, saving the Fairies and the magical balance from a future threat.


  • In Wizard Peak, a book tells the ingredients on how to create a minidragon.

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