Minefield Mishap is the Heroic Challenge provided by Stealth Elf and takes place in the fortress. This level is rated as being very tough. The player must dash through an area riddled with mines and enemies and recover the Royal Scepter of Nort in less than three minutes or they fail the mission. This level is difficult due to the huge number of land mines planted underground which deal 60 damage each time they are stepped on. The Troll enemies here tend to favor attacks that cause knockback, such as the Trollverines and Gun Snouts and enjoy knocking Skylanders into the mines. The level isn't terribly difficult as long as you avoid enemies rather than fighting them and watch your step.

Upon completion, the Skylander gains a permanent +8 Bonus to Speed.

Clearing the Challenge

From the start, proceed straight forward through the tightening gauntlet of mines which takes you behind a tree to the first gate, keeping you safe from the Gun Snout. Head to the right until you see a Trollverine behind some barrels to a path on the side. Head into that side path and turn left until you reach the teleporter. In the next area, follow the path through until you reach the large parapets, where the next teleporter is. In the next area, head to the left as soon as you can, away from the Gun Snout and around two mines to reach the final teleporter.

Up next is a minefield maze with the scepter at the end. The maze heads left, the curves around to the right. Watch out for the Gun Snout which guards the maze, as its shots will knock you into the mines. Weave through the final mines and the Royal Scepter of Nort is yours!

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