Midnight Mountain is the fourth and final homeworld in Spyro: Year of the Dragon and in the Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game. It can be accessed after defeating Scorch.

This homeworld contains portals to seven realms in addition to the Sorceress' Lair and Super Bonus Round.


This core world is a spectacular place for visitors. Its beauty is surreal compared to the other core worlds, and truly represents the magical nature of the Forgotten Worlds. Settled on the highest peaks of a massive mountain, Midnight Mountain is home to many beautiful huts, towers, and structures of all kinds build or carved into the mountain itself. Every speck of ground is covered in luminescent grass, fed even further by the gigantic rainbow crystals jutting out of the ground and walls. Connected by large bridges to ensure no one falls off, each island is decorated with clear crystals, jewels, and ivory figures. Possibly the only true danger is the glowing pink ooze streams that run through each peak. It is believed to be the excess energy used in creating this wonderful world. Since the peaks are so high into the sky, Midnight Mountain is always stuck at night, with a Milky Way, glittering rainbow of distant galaxies, and two large planets orbiting overhead. And also there is a huge beautiful castle with spiked chains, serpentine gargoyle-like torches, and a secret arena within the walls of the castle at the heart of Midnight Mountain, meaning that this kingdom is also home to the Rhynocs, and their wicked queen the Sorceress.




Shhh, It's a Secret (Billy)

Glide to the Island (Saki)

Catch the Thief (Maiken)

Stomp the Floor (Buddy)

At the Top of the Waterfall (Evie)

Egg for Sale (Al)

Chasing Moneybags

After defeating the Sorceress, Moneybags will appear on the bridge between the portals for Crystal Islands and Desert Ruins. He says that he has a dragon egg and is going to sell it back in Avalar. But he recognizes a mischievous look in Spyro's eyes, then starts running for his life. You now gets a chance to cause harm to the greedy bear. You will chase him around the same path that you took to chase the Blue Thief. Moneybags will not stop running until you have drained him of all of his gems. If you paid all of the fees that Moneybags made you pay before defeating the Sorceress, Moneybags will have a lot more money. Once he runs out, he will stop, go on a rant and give you an egg. This egg DOES count towards the egg count for Midnight Mountain (where it says that you have 6/5 eggs). Moneybags then departs through the Crystal Islands portal (though he had said that he was going to go to Spooky Swamp). Regardless of where he went, he obviously stayed there because he was not seen in the ending cutscenes.

The Unreachable Island

Far out into the abyss near the point where the rocket ship is housed in Midnight Mountain, there is an island that cannot be reached by normal methods. It was intended to be part of the game, but the designers opted not to include it, but they did not erase the island from the game. The only way to actually reach this island is to use a GameShark code for a special flying ability. You must first use this ability to fly from the area near the Harbor Speedway portal to the roof of the castle. The castle roof is jumpable, as if this were intended in the actual game. Once you go around the tower, you can use your special flying ability to reach the unreachable island (a paradox!). Don't get your hopes up though, there are only three extra lives there. Many people mistake this unreachable island for the one located behind the building holding the rocket. It has been claimed this island originally had the Super Bonus Round portal with a whirlwind leading to it, but was removed.






  • This is the only homeworld in the game to not to have a Powerup Gate in it, and also the only one to not have a Sgt. Byrd portal in any of its realms.
  • This is the only homeworld where Spyro can die by falling.
  • If you battle the Sorceress before you release Agent 9, he will appear at the battle and aid you. After you set off to find the rest of the eggs and walk by the place where Agent 9 was held prisoner you'll notice he is free.
  • If you don't get the "Catch the Thief" egg before defeating the Sorceress, then the egg will just be sitting on the ground where the Thief would have spawned. You can still collect it like any other egg by going up to it.
  • The background is an edited version of the one in Dark Passage from Spyro the Dragon.
  • The total percentage you can get for this home world is 111%, due to the fact that once you defeat the Sorceress and take back gems from Moneybags, a sixth egg is added to the list, making the total eggs in the level to be 6/5.