Midday Gardens is the second Homeworld of Spyro: Year of the Dragon and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game.


World Information

It introduces the Superflame powerup, similar to how Sunrise Spring introduced the Superfly powerup. At the Spooky Swamp portal, Hunter explains to Spyro how to climb.

Midday Gardens houses many splendid golden walls and buildings. It has two small lakes with bridges across both. There is also an ice-filled cavern which houses the Icy Peak portal. Midday Gardens has plenty of fodder and thus is a good homeworld for collecting lives.

Sgt. James Byrd is the second playable character and his homeworld is housed here, Sgt. Byrd's Base. Moneybags is keeping him in a cage. 700 gems are needed to free him.


Midday Gardens is a world surrounded on one side by steadily-rising brown mountains and a dense forest on the other side. Rabbits are abundant here, both the intelligent kind and the fodder kind. Each large garden holds many different flowers during the spring and summer, with small cobblestone pathways leading visitors through each one. There are some small waterfalls and streams running through to provide water for the plants, as well as large trees and stone-built structures to shelter creatures from the sun. The grass here is always green, and many smooth river stones dot the banks. While the temperature here is a bit on the hot side, its subworlds are by far the most different compared to their core world.

As the name suggests, it resembles stately gardens in perpetual midday sun. "Midday" is part of Year of the Dragon's Homeworld naming scheme of times of day.



  • At the first lake, dive down. Under the bridge is an egg. (Dave)
  • In the Icy Peak cave, there is a second passage. Skate into it to find the next egg. (Mingus)
  • There is an Egg Thief running around the Sgt. Byrd's Base portal. Catch him. (Trixie)
  • Superflame the plant pots near the Bamboo Terrace portal. When you destroy all of them, the last one will contain the egg. (Matt)
  • Opposite Country Speedway is a climbable wall. Climb up onto a small ledge and find an egg. (Modesty)





Hidden room in Midday Garden

Hidden room in Midday Garden

It's possible to swim in the air in Midday Gardens. It can be used to reach a hidden room in the homeworld, and to enter Sgt. Byrd's Base without paying Moneybags.


  • When traveling to Midday Gardens or looking in the Atlas, this homeworld is referred to as "Midday Garden."
  • When using the superflame power-up, the Egg thief near Sgt. Byrd's Base disappears.