Metro Speedway (メトロスピードウェイ Metro Speedway) is the first Autumn Plains Speedway in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. This dark Speedway includes cooing Pigeons and Bungee Jumping Riptocs. It is ruled over by the Mayor. You need at least 6 orbs to unlock Metro Speedway.


 The Mayor asked Spyro to help him out with the loot the cat burglars stole, which is solved by Spyro and Hunter. You can find the Mayor behind the waterfall.


  • 8 Pigeons
  • 8 Bungee Jumpers
  • 8 Slow Signs
  • 8 Metal Arches



  • An early name for the speedway was "City Speedway," found in the code for the demo.
  • The background in this speedway appears to be a darker, re-coloured version of Ocean Speedway.
  • This is one of two speedways that you don't talk to Hunter for the orb challenge. The other is Ocean Speedway. However, they still involve him.
  • The Mayor refers to Hunter as "The Hunter."