“This big robot is all charged up to meet you. Attacking the power poles should disrupt its power supply.”

Metalhead (アイアン・ヘッド, Iron Head in Japanese) was a giant robot who was the boss of the Beast Makers Homeworld.


Metalhead is a silver, big, burly robot. Metalhead has a square like body shape, with rectangular arms and legs. At the top of the robot's head is a purple mohawk, and Metalhead's eyes are made up of yellow, illuminating lights. At the end of Metalhead's arms, and on Metalhead's feet, are green, illuminating lights.


Metalhead was created by Gnasty Gnorc after his search for recruits to destroy Spyro after he froze all the dragons in crystal. It was charged up by the small power poles that were his power supply so that it could move which forced it to stay inside its fortress or else he couldn't charge. Spyro destroyed all of Metalhead's power poles and defeated it. Without out power poles, Metalhead fell to the ground motionless, for it had nothing to supply it power.

Boss Battle

Metalhead was encountered in the level, Metalhead. Metalhead fought Spyro in two large chambers that were surrounded by swamp water and filled with pylons that powered it. Metalhead was too large for a charge attack and was made of metal, so a flame attack didn't work. The only way to attack Metalhead was to attack the pylons that supplied it with power.

Metalhead started by shooting rays out of its arm or by throwing ape-like monsters (Armored Banana Boys and Strongarms) at Spyro, and when he did, make sure you're standing in front of one the pylons. Get out of the way before the attack hits you, and the monster/ray would plunge into the pylon and destroy it, Spyro could also destroy the pylons itself by using his charge, unless they were being used at the time in which case Spyro would just be electrocuted. Metalhead had 8 health (pylons) in the first room, and 9 health (pylons) in the second room. Thus, that gave him a total of 17 health in all.

  • Gems: 500
  • Dragons: 1

Most of the Gems were obvious and were right in front of you as you traveled to the fort entrance and were on the platforms where the Bananaboys and Strongarms were thrown from by Metalhead. At the final, outside "Arena" after you defeated Metalhead, there was a stairway on your left-hand side of the door which you came from which had a key-chest on the top of the staircase, but the key wasn't very easy to find so, go to the start of the level, then go to the Swamp-water river, then press the triangle button to look down then there should be a ledge/platform with a busted gate, jump down and go through the gate, look around, and the key should be around there somewhere, and, after you have found it, then look for a whirlwind (DON'T go up the whirlwind until you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that the key is not there) then you should be able to glide to the Gem-crates on the tower. Afterwards, go back to the final arena where you faced Metalhead and go back up the staircase which I told you about at the start then go and unlock the chest.

If you followed it all, then you should have all gems in the level.


  • Metalhead is a slang term used when referring to someone that listens to Metal.
  • Metalhead is fondly regarded by fans as being both one of the better and more difficult bosses in the game.
  • it had the most health of any boss in Spyro the Dragon and Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.
  • Metalhead was proof that Gnasty Gnorc could create advanced technology. Another being the Gnorc Gnexus World due to the advanced machinery that was created from mere trash.
  • In Jak 2: Renegade, the second game in the popular Jak and Daxter series, the main antagonists were called Metal Heads.