Metalback Spiders, also known as Bugs, attack Spyro with their pincers. They are quite large, coated in metal and can only be defeated by Spyro using a Supercharge or a magical kiss from a fairy which turns Spyro red and his fire breath into Superflame.

Spyro really hates these spiders and, when he released a Magic Crafter dragon, he said, "I hate those bugs. When I become big and strong, like you, I'll squash 'em all!" and then he gets a reply by the dragon who says, "Until then, remember that Supercharge makes you invincible!"


Avoid at all costs, until you get a super flame or supercharge powerup, by charging away from them and jump onto any higher or lower ground you can find to get a break and see where to run next. Once you get either a super flame or supercharge powerup, they can be defeated just as easily as every other enemy.


  • Many Spyro fans consider this enemy the scariest enemy in the entire series.
  • These enemies resemble stag beetles more than spiders.

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