Merchandise are products that are composed of trading cards, plushies, cups, lunch bags, and much more based on the Spyro series.

Legend of Spyro


From October 8, 2007, Wendy's restaurants in the US started a four week promotion to help promote The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. The set consisted of a Spyro checkers game, a Spyro keychain (equipped with a smaller Cynder keychain), wing-flapping Spyro toy, 'flying' Sparx and a Spyro maze game.

The meal bags were also heavily decorated with Spyro.

Brazier & Co

A company known as Brazier & Co once made a prototype for a Wii remote holder where Spyro is holding the remote in his mouth. The company also made a Crash Bandicoot model, though neither were ever released to the public.


Videogame magazine N-Revolution released a pencil case featuring Spyro and Cynder to help promote The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. It came with a ruler which also included Sparx on the design, along with an eraser featuring the logo and a plain purple pencil.

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