Mer-Gnorcs are enemies in the Sunken Ruins and they only appear in Spyro: A Hero's Tail. They have a fish-like appearance and they are amphibious (can swim/breath in water and breath on land). They appear to be guarding the Sunken Ruins.

Possession of a Trident

Mer-Gnorcs that possess a trident are short range attackers that stab Spyro when he comes close. They have an orange colored belt and otherwise are practically naked. These aquatic gnorcs are commonly found underwater. They can be defeated with Flame, Ice Breath, Electric Breath, Charge, and Horn Dive. (If you bought the 10000 gem upgrade from Moneybags's shop. While underwater only underwater charge can defeat them.)

Possession of a Starfish

Mer-Gnorcs that possess a starfish(sea star) are long range attackers that throw a starfish when Spyro comes into their range. Like the boomerang Crocoviles the starfish seem to explode when they hit Spyro. The Greek belt seems to be a different color (more of a purple color). They can be defeated the same way as normal Mer-Gnorcs. They seem to be tougher than normal Mer-Gnorcs because they can hit from a longer range.



  • Just like Sunken Ruins resemble Atlantis, the Mer-Gnorcs resemble people of Atlantis that have been underwater from thousands of years.
  • The Mer-Gnorcs also resemble Crocoviles in the fact they are two varieties of both (one long range and one short range).