This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the Skylander canon to the main Skylanders storyline.

Master Eon is one of the main protagonists of the Skylanders spin-off series, Skylanders Academy. He is the Headmaster of Skylanders Academy.



Eon is wise and usually the voice of reason for his students, but is not without his moments of anger and goofiness. He is also incredibly protective of his magical beard, using spray on it frequently and believing shaving it would be the ultimate sacrifice - even if he can't bring himself up to harm it. Despite his ego, though, he puts the safety of his allies above his own, even at great costs.


Possessor of mystical knowledge and prophecies, protector of the Core of Light, wearer of the most glorious beard in all of Skylands — Master Eon’s got it all. As headmaster of Skylanders Academy, this wise wizard is the guide and mentor to every hero that’s ever passed through its sacred halls. He’s just as good at doling out thoughtful advice to his students as he is at summoning incredible magical powers. He makes the tough decisions and will do whatever it takes to keep Darkness from ever invading Skylands again!


Unlike his main canon counterpart, Master Eon is not a Portal Master, but is as capable as his Skylanders because of his Light spells and magical beard. The latter is also his weapon of choice for fights, combining its stretching and shapeshifting abilties with quick movements for signature martial art moves. Like his canon counterpart, he is also able to telepathically communicate with others.



Years ago, a young Eon was powerless to stop a group of villains from spreading havoc across Skylands. He then vowed not to leave the fate of Skylands to just one wizard alone. Eon decided to start a school called Skylanders Academy where he would train heroic creatures to become Skylanders, protectors of the Realm, to help him stop evil from spreading. The longer Eon's beard grew, the larger the Academy became.

Season 1

Master Eon discovered a baby Spyro defeating three evil Greebles. He adopted and raised the young dragon as his own, believing that Spyro was destined for greatness. The old wizard would realize too late that his constant praise on Spyro's talents over the years would cause Spyro to become very prideful, egotistical and gain a disregard for fire safety (and other kinds of safety). In response to Spyro's barely passing grades at Skylanders Academy, Master Eon talked with Spyro privately in the secret Relics Room within the school. The old wizard pointed out to Spyro that he needs to put his over-inflated ego aside and his efforts in school would not be enough for him to pass the final test at the Skylander Games. Spyro however was confident that he would ace the Games and become a Skylander.


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