"Never have I seen such a thing. It has the mark of evil..."

Mason is a citizen of Warfang whom Ignitus asked to inspect the Green Chains that tethered Spyro and Cynder together in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. The mole noted that he had never seen anything like the chains, but knows that it had the mark of evil, because it was crafted by Malefor himself.

International Voice Actors

Language Voice dubbing actor
Danish Ole Lemmeke
Finnish Bruno Lähteenmäki
Norwegian (unsure)
Swedish Per Sandborgh
Dutch (unsure)
French (unsure)
German (unsure)
Italian Riccardo Rovatti
Spanish (unsure)
Russian (unsure)

NOTE: This character is missing some voice actors. Please help fill in the correct voice actors for him.

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