The Mask of Power is an evil, dangerous artifact, and the title object in the Skylanders: Mask of Power series. It was created millennia ago by a guild of Spell Punks for their king, a follower of The Darkness who wanted to destroy the Core of Light. Combining their powers, the Spell Punks conjured up the Mask which is said to be able to tap into all known Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Life, Undead, Magic and Tech.

No one knows what the Mask of Power does, but the Spell Punk king had tried on the Mask, which triggered catastrophic events such as The Forest of Life being set ablaze, the oceans boiling away to nothing, and zombie sheep going on a woolly rampage. The Spell Punk King was eventually defeated, and the Mask of Power was broken into eight pieces, which were hidden across Skylands by the Portal Masters of Old so that they could never be found.

Kaos now wants to find the fragments to reassemble the Mask of Power and use it to destroy the Core of Light, and it's up to the Skylanders find the fragments before the evil Portal Master does.