This article is about the character from the original Spyro the Dragon game. You may be looking for the character from Spyro: A Hero's Tail.
“Come back when you have reached 100%!”

Magnus (マグナ=バトフーチョ Maguna in Japanese) is a dragon from Peace Keepers in Spyro the Dragon. He was freed by Spyro, who was the only dragon to have avoided the trasformation due to his small size. Magnus then reminded Spyro about his pal, Sparx the Dragonfly, hinting the young dragon that feeding the young dragonfly butterflies will restore his health.

Later on, Magnus went to the Gnorc Gnexus along with a few other dragons to try and confront Gnasty Gnorc on their own, but he was encased in crystal again. After Spyro defeated Gnasty Gnorc, he freed Magnus, who told him about the Gnasty's Loot where Gnasty keeps most of his treasure, but confirmed that to enter the treasure hoard, Spyro must find every gem and every dragon in the Dragon Kingdom.



  • Magnus, after being freed a second time in the first game, looks a little different and sounds different.
    • His wings are a darker color and his voice changed.
      • In the NTSC version his horns are brown, unlike other versions.
  • In the late demo Magnus's horns are brown instead of yellow.
    • Spyro answers Magnus in Peace Keepers with an "I can do that."
      • In the demo, he doesn't exist in Gnorc Gnexus; not even his crystal prison appears.