Magic Crafters (マジック ガーデン ホーム: Magic Garden Home) is the third homeworld in Spyro the Dragon. This land comes across as an extravagantly royal place, with marble-like walls and floors in the caves. The walls are also covered in elaborate designs and the caves seem to be lit almost magically. Throughout the homeworld, there are small ponds where enemies are sometimes seen running around.

Magic is very obvious in this land. There are druids in this world who have control over the movement of platforms, walls and land among many others. This is also the first land in which Spyro finds a Supercharge. You must collect at least 1,200 gems to access this world.


The home of the most magically-inclined dragon species is a network of self-constructed plains and meadows connected by tall mountains tips and covered in frost and ice. The Magic Crafters world is littered with icy steps, frosted peaks, supercharge ramps, moving platforms, and alpine trees of all sizes. Pools of crystal-clear water dot each area, and the caves built into the mountains are smooth and decorated with all sorts of pretty patterns. Gems can be seen here or there, but the Magic Crafter dragons never see too fit to flaunt their wealth. The abyss below is a misty, never-ending fall that would spell death to any dragon, but no fear! The fairies here don’t mind catching you and lifting you to safety.


Each homeworld has specially designed portals. The portals in Magic Crafters are made from the mountain's stone, and are short and wide. The top portion comes to a point at the top, with a jewel located right below it.



A Magic Crafter dragon

The dragons who live in this world are known as the Magic Crafters. They are shy, and much prefer to work on their sorcery atop the peaks of the mountains rather than socialize with strangers. Due to their fascination with magic, they turned their world into Albert Einstein’s worst nightmare: the laws of physics are regularly broken, as well as a few laws not yet known. They are the ones to make the potions and magic spells for the dragons. Magic Crafters, above all else, like to use brains over brawn, and are usually the first to come up with a witty comeback. In the end, these are a few dragons you don’t want to mess with!

A notable feature of the Magic Crafters is that most of them speak in an accent that trills the Rs in the words they speak with. Unlike the other dragon families, Magic Crafters only have four horns on their heads. The leader of the Magic Crafter dragons is Cosmos, as he is the first dragon to be freed when Spyro enters the homeworld and welcomes his arrival, as well as giving him the main objectives.






Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 13 - Magic Crafters Home World

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 13 - Magic Crafters Home World

By ZephyGameGuides


  • If you talk to the balloonist repeatedly, he will say, "Hey Spyro, maybe I can help you recover those 5 dragon eggs." If he requests a realm where a thief is located, you can instantly go to that realm via balloon.
  • There are no Gnorcs in this homeworld and its levels (Except for Ice Gnorcs).
  • This is the only realm to hold a purple spring chest.
  • In the late demo, a lot of the realm is textured differently, and the Armored Druids makes different noises when hit.
  • The locked chest in this world can be opened using a Supercharge instead of the key. Head down the supercharge ramp, make a sharp right U-turn and hop off the edge of the platform to land in the cave with the chest. If you do this, the key in the gazebo near the end will disappear.