Long legs are Shadow Minions that reside in the Shadow Realm in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. They are the most common type of shadow enemy in the game. As their name suggests, Long Legs have two very long legs that sprout from the top of its skull-like head. The ones without Chi shields are dark grey in colour and have approximately 30HP, the ones with chi shields are black and have around 50HP, and the stronger ones with chi shields are red and have roughly 80HP. Long Legs attack by thrusting their head forward at Spyro, causing minor damage. The weaker variants can be harmed by any Dragon Kata attack, whereas the stronger variants require a Chi or Magic attack to break the chi shield first.  

Black variants are first seen in Cliff Town, and Red variants are first seen in the main crossroads in Avalar that leads to the Savannah, Tree Tops and Skelos Badlands.