“When you free a dragon or step on one of their platforms, you're saving your progress.”

Lindar (リンダル=グリノマール Rindaru in Japanese) is an Artisan dragon who appeared in Spyro the Dragon. Lindar was notably the one who remarked that Gnasty Gnorc was 'a simple creature', 'no threat' to the Dragon Realms and then called him ugly. As a result, he and the other dragons (except for young Spyro, due to his small size) were turned into Crystal Statues. He was freed by Spyro at Stone Hill later on.



  • His voice during the cutscene at the beginning of the Spyro the Dragon is different from his voice when he is freed at Stone Hill.
    • His Stone Hill-voice is strangely given to a purple dragon in Year of the Dragon, who looks like him from head to toe except for the aforementioned purple color and yellow horns.
    • His voice in the opening cutscene of the game, is eventually given to Bubba.
  • In the demo version, Lindar's dialogue was very much like Gavin's: "Watch the dragonfly Spyro. Its color indicates its power to protect you."