Legendary Treasures are special collectibles that aren't easy to find in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Sometimes, they're so cleverly hidden that even a Skylander might need help tracking them down.

Legendary Treasure Locations

Location Treasure
Shattered Island Swine Salary
Perilous Pastures Engima Pig
Sky Schooner Docks Wild Runners
Stormy Stronghold Ancient Carillon
Oilspill Island Catechumen
Dark Water Cove Parrot Totem
Leviathan Lagoon Opulent Pullet
Crystal Eye Castle Teddy Cyclops
Stonetown Mono Lisa
Treetop Terrace Sterling Tapir
Falling Forest Topiry's Nucleus
Troll Factory Ghost View Glasses
Goo Factory Troll Stein
Crawling Catacombs Royal Lynx
Cadaverous Crypt Aphid Lifter
Creepy Citadel Doom's Rook
Molekin Mine Golden Links
Lava Lakes Railway Fiord's Jetty
Quicksilver Vault Rollerskates
Arkeyan Armory Arkeyan Weapon Controller
Lair of Kaos Superior Regalia
Pirate Seas Bottle Boat
Darklight Crypt Flamingo
Empire of Ice Snow Globe
Dragon's Peak Archaic Codex

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