This article is about the enemy in the level Misty Bog. You may be looking for the Killer Plants from the level Fracture Hills of Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.

Killer Plants, also known as Dragon-Eating Plants, can be found in the Misty Bog. They are very aggressive and will try and eat Spyro when he gets too close. A quick flame will kill them though. When Spyro gets close to them, they start shaking and when Spyro gets closer to them, they rush towards him to try to eat him, so the shaking is a warning for Spyro.

Note that these are one of the few creatures that have a unique death for Spyro. Usually, the beasts spit him out whenever he is eaten by them, so long as Sparx is with him. If Sparx has disappeared and Spyro is eaten by the plant, the beast will swallow him whole and let out a short chuckle before the screen fades to black.


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