Kamikaze Tribesmen are enemies seen in the level, Doctor Shemp. They look like miniature versions of Doctor Shemp except they have armor plating on their face. They are disseminated by Fat Mamas, and are similar in appearance to Pueblos. Kamikaze Tribesmen charge blindly at Spyro while yelling, and continue to do so until death. Their armor makes them invulnerable to Spyro's flame breath. They can be defeated by a simple charge, or evaded, in which case they will charge past Spyro and cast themselves off the nearest cliff.

If a Fat Mama is defeated before sending her Tribesman to attack Spyro, the Tribesman will simply stand in place and "watch" Spyro (presumably they cannot actually see him due to the armor plating that obstructs their faces). They remain harmless in this state unless approached, in which case they will draw a knife and attack.


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