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"A wise dragon once told me 'Aim high in life but watch out for flying boxes.'"

Jacquesアメージング・ボックス, Amazing Box in Japanese) was the penultimate boss in the original, Spyro the Dragon game. He resided in Dream Weavers in a nightmarish volcanic landscape that was populated by lava creatures and was fought on a series of platforms that levitated above a volcanic crater.


Jacques mostly threw boxes at Spyro throughout the battle. As Spyro chased him, Jacques moved from one platform to the next until he reached and stood on a dark pink box, where he'd stay put and continue throwing boxes. If Spyro flamed him, he moved quickly to the next dark pink box (there were 3 in total) and repeated the same process. Once Jacques was flamed on the last pink box, he disappeared and left 4 Purple Gems .


  • "Jacques" is the French spelling of "Jack," appropriate as he is a Jack-in-the-box.
  • Jacques was similar to other Jack-in-the-Box themed video game bosses, such as Mad Jack in Donkey Kong 64.  

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