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This article is about the realm. You may be looking for the character.

Jacques (アメージング・ボックス 5-4 Amazing Box 5-4 in Japanese) is the Boss Realm for the Dream Weavers Homeworld. Jacques is the French name for "Jack," which is appropriate because Jacques is a large jack-in-the-box. The realm consists of a series of dark, floating castles surrounded by orange pools of lava and patches of grass-covered land. Many of the enemies sit on pedestals. Other pedestals must be temporarily raised by attacking the Fools in order to progress through the realm to Jacques.




Spyro the Dragon -30- Jacques07:02

Spyro the Dragon -30- Jacques

By JohnnyDFox


  • In the late demo this level is called "BOSS", has Ice Cavern's music, the enemies make no noise when killed, there's no fodder in the level and Jacques throws boxes more often.

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