Glitch - Dino Mines in Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon-001:26

Glitch - Dino Mines in Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon-0

Hidden arena

The hidden arena

The Impossible Arena Glitch is a glitch in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.

In Dino Mines, when you perform the Swim in the Air Glitch and swim out of the boundaries. You will see a portal. Go through it and you will end up in an arena with nothing in it. To get out,you can exit the level or you will have run around the arena, because there isn't a portal for you to get out. If you find the invisible portal, you go through it and either:

  • Go through the wall


  • Fall and lose all your lives


  • It is unknown why this was going to be used for. This may have been used for a mini boss level for the Bailey Gang.
  • This may have been because Insomniac President Ted Price mentioned that Spyro doesn't have hands and wouldn't be able to hold a weapon and that was the reason the Agent 9 challenges were for. So it was scrapped and Agent 9 challenge was made instead.

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