Idol Springs (モッコーレイクMokkou Lake in Japanese) is a Realm in Summer Forest that only appeared so far in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!.

In this level, the idols that the workmen sculpted have suddenly come to life and are causing problems for the locals. In order to make progress, you must defeat the idols that are attacking the sculptors. Fully completing this level hinges on your ability to swim, so pay Moneybags for this ability before hopping into the portal.



Foreman Bud's puzzles

There are three puzzles in this realm regarding reaching the end. Don't worry, Foreman Bud guides you through, and rewards you as you finish each puzzle.

  • The Yellow Blocks You can spend hours trying to figure this out, if you like. The point is that for whichever block you jump on, that one and the two on either side will change color. Talk to Foreman Bud to reset the puzzle if you get stuck. The easy way is to jump on the four corners and no other squares.
  • The Hungry Idol Foreman Bud leads you to the small lake outside for this one. The giant idol head wants to eat ten fish. Your job is to stand there and, when a fish jumps out of the water in front of you, to flame it into his mouth. But be careful, the red fish make him spit out three previously swallowed fish.
  • The Colored Stones Here you'll find five stones easily pressed into the ground with your weight. Foreman Bud knows the first stone to be used—the Green Star. Your job is to find out in which order the rest of the stones need to be stepped on. This may take some time if you're a bit on the slow side, or just unlucky. The correct order is: Green Star, Orange Diamond, Orange Crescent, White Crescent, Blue Circle.

As you go along, you'll be saving the green Colosi workers from their possessed idols, thus allowing them to chip open the locks on the door barring your way.

Hula girl rescue

Eventually, you find a Hula Girl named Stella bound to a rock. Guarding her is a stone idol, with six additional Hula Girls on stone idol heads situated around. Here you'll need to Supercharge your way around the area, striking the stone idols to send the Hula Girls onto the platform in the center. Doing this in one go will allow the Hula Girls to use a rain dance, destroying the stone idol who had captured their leader, however if you don't get all the hula girls in one go, the stone idol will knock them back to their original places. This always takes a few tries, so don't lose your head.

There is also a secret passage that, ultimately, leads you to many gems and a rocket. Lighting the rocket will send it flying off to burst a treasure chest previously unreachable at the beginning of the area. Run back there to pick up the gems now underwater, hopefully gaining the rest of the gems for this realm as you do.


Opening Scene

The opening scene shows a worker colosi chipping away at a wooden idol, which suddenly comes to life! The worker shouts "IDOL" in a high pitched voice, and is then chased by the idol. Another worker gets an idea from this, and quickly chips away to make a Hula Girl idol. He kisses her, expecting her to come to life, but only succeeds in knocking the wooden statue over, thus breaking his heart.

Closing Scene

The closing scene depicts a few workers around a fire, toasting marshmallows and wieners on sticks. From a nearby river, underneath a bridge, a lone possessed idol watches the party, then shows himself. As one of the workers screams in terror, the idol lifts his own stick with a treat on the end, and he gleefully joins the campfire, much to the confusion of the workers.

Intro and Closing Video

Spyro Ripto's Rage Idol Springs Intro and Extro

Spyro Ripto's Rage Idol Springs Intro and Extro

Idol Springs Intro and Closing Scene





Idol Springs - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!
Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 3 - Idol Springs

Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 3 - Idol Springs

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  • When the PlayStation Network released Ripto's Rage, this realm and Colossus failed to upload completely, and the game was taken off the market. This glitch has since been fixed, and the game has been re-released ever since.
  • There is a swimming glitch for here. If you know how to double-jump (jump then press square and X at the same time without using d-pad or analog stick), in the beginning, you can jump on the surrounding wall, and double-jump again off the surrounding wall, in between to where the first worker rests and the next section of idols, if you headbash underneath the water at the right time, you will be swimming in the air!