Hunter's Challenge is one of the four Orb challenges in Summer Forest. This challenge can be started by jumping up the stairs opposite the portal to Idol Springs and speaking to Hunter. Hunter challenged Spyro to get through the challenge, as he said Spyro looked pretty agile. Hunter's award for Spyro at the end is an Orb


This challenge involves a mixture of jumping maneuvers that Spyro will need to master in order to make his way through the levels. Hunter will perform a specific jump across to the next platform and then Spyro will have to mimic that jump and also jump over to the next platform.


  • The first part of the challenge involves jumping up one step. When you get close to the step, press X to jump. Join Hunter at the top.
  • The second part involves a Glide. To glide, run towards the edge and jump (tap X). Then at the top of your jump, hold X in again to glide to the next platform.
  • The third part of the challenge involves a hover. To make it to the next platform, Spyro must perform a normal glide but tap 'triangle' at the last second to get an extra little jump at the end. Follow Hunter up the stairs.
  • The fourth and final part of the challenge is a "Running Hover". To complete this, you must run to the edge of the platform, and perform a normal hover trying to get as much length as you can. Once you have completed this jump, you will meet Hunter on the final platform where you will be rewarded with an Orb.