The Hummingbirds are the soldiers and recruits of Sgt. Byrd's Base in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, and Hummingbird Fort in Spyro: Season of Ice.


In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, most of the hummingbirds have purple feathers, with light blue bellies and eyebrows, yellow talons and beak, purple eyes, and green tail feathers. They are all female and speak with French accents. The only different hummingbird is Cpl. Gabrielle who has light blue feathers, a blue tail feather and eyebrows, a pink belly, yellow talons and beak, and purple eyes and tail feathers.

The hummingbirds change drastically in Spyro: Season of Ice. They're all red with long pointy beaks, they all have green eyes (even though their render shows that they have red eyes), and they're all a lot smaller, with also smaller wings.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

When Sgt. Byrd comes back he is informed that the day before, the Rhynocs had invaded and captured five of them, and only the Cpl. was left to help. Sgt. Byrd must go and free all five of the captured hummingbirds. When you free all five of the captured the Hummingbirds, they all thank you and give you a Dragon Egg. They have French accents.

Spyro: Season of Ice

In this game, Spyro needs to rescue six Rhynoc captured hummingbirds. They are all very military oriented.