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This article is about the character within the Skylanders Academy continuity. You may be looking for the character canon to the main Skylanders storyline.

Hugo is Master Eon's Mabu assistant Skylanders Academy television series. Like his canon counterpart, he is greatly terrified of Sheep.



Hugo is Master Eon's assistant, and thus takes his job seriously. He is deathly afraid of the Sheep, who takes pleasure in tormenting the Mabu. He also serves as Skylanders Academy's anger management therapist.


Season 1

While on his way to the Library to deliver a package to Master Eon, Hugo was briefly halted when a sheep Spyro were playing with landed in front of him. The Sheep intentionally frightened the Mabu and feigned innocence when he tried to prove to Spyro and the other cadets how harmful they are.


  • Hugo is the only one who takes Hex and Skull's insurance.


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