Huge Gnorcs are pink Gnorcs in Spyro: A Hero's Tail that need to be flamed in order to be killed. Some Huge Gnorcs that have armor plates needs to be charged to destroy the metal plate in order to flame them. Some Huge Gnorcs carry an axe for a weapon and others will carry a hammer. They are also the only gnorcs in the game that can't be killed by charge; however, it can temporarily stun them, unlike the large enemies from the previous Spyro games. They can also be killed with Ice breath before destroying their armour.


In Dragon Kingdom they where circus- like colorful clothing. While in Lost Cities they wear blue clothing that looks different than in Dragon Kingdom. In Icy Wilderness they seem to take on warmer clothing, possibly made of fur. While in Stormy Beach, Molten Mount, and Magma Falls they wear full armor as if they are preparing for battle. In Red's Laboratory and Dark Mine it is shown that they are processed into more efficient robotic versions.