Gunners,[1] are enemies that can be found in Terrace Village. Along with the other Gnorcs in Terrace Village, they discovered how to use electricity. Gunner fire electric bolts at you from the gun turrets they are in, these same guns also protect them from Flame Attacks, but a quick charge will eliminate them. They are the best armored of the Gnorcs with a full body metal suit. They keep their heads in a metal helmet most of the time to protect them from the blasts they set off. Every once in a while, they will poke their head out to show them wearing heavy glasses. They've been known to protect Electro Gnorcs.


The best way to defeat these armored gnorcs is to quickly Charge them before they lock in to attack. If they do lock in to attack you should immediately look for something to hide behind(like a building, or wall), so the gunner's attack won't hit Spyro. Once these gnorcs are done firing, get out of cover and charge them. If there are more than one of these gnorcs next to each other, you need to charge into both of them fast, if you miss one of them it will lock in to attack, and you will need to take cover.


  • When you charge the Gunners, they are actually revealed to be Goons before they disappear.
  • These Gnorcs appear to be listening to music on a Walkman. However, only their headphones can be seen.


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