The Great Sea Dragon is a female dragon only mentioned in the story of the discovery of the Dragon Realms in Spyro: Shadow Legacy.

In legend, she swam to the Realms from an ancient homeland with her babies on her back. Exhausted from her swim, the Great Sea Dragon passed away on the shore, right where the Dragon Shores' fountain stands. She wore the fountain's talisman around her neck; the magic from this talisman powers the fountain's jets.


  • Given the fact that dragons used to live in the Forgotten Realms over a 1000 years ago (at least by the time of Spyro: Year of the Dragon) but was forced to leave due to threat from The Sorceress and search for a new home, while also taking into account that the Sea Dragon's old home is only described as "ancient homeland" and it is put in the story as an old legend, it is possible that she originated from the Forgotten Realms.