“Be on the lookout for Gnorc Commandos, Spyro”

The Gnorc Commandos[1] are Gnorc enemies in Spyro the Dragon found in the level Twilight Harbour. They all wear red berets.

This enemy's method of attack involves spraying the floor with a row of bullets at a certain distance. If Spyro steps too close, he will take damage by the row of shots fired by the Gnorc Commando. After each burst of shots, the Gnorc Commando has to reload. He can only be attacked with Spyro's flame ability. His gun can be reloaded faster than the basic Machine Gun Gnorc.


When the Commando starts firing, jump over the row of bullets and glide towards him to flame him before he finishes reloading.


  • The fact that Gnorc Commandos never shoot straight is a humorous reference to Rambo.
  • The Gnorc Commandos have the same error in using their weapons as the Machine Gunners.
    • It's also the same error that Pinstripe Potoroo has, from the Crash Bandicoot series.
  • In Spyro Reignited Trilogy, along with other Twilight Harbor enemies, Gnorc Commando's bullets were censored and replaced with slime in order to tone down the violence (due to complaints from fans however, it is still debatable if this will make it to the final version).


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