Gnasty's Loot (トレジャー ルーム 6-4 Treasure Room 6-4 in Japanese) is the last bonus level in Spyro the Dragon, where Gnasty Gnorc kept his stash of Gems. This level can be found in Gnasty's World and it can only be accessed when 100% progress has been reached (all Gems collected, all Dragons freed and all Dragon Eggs collected in whole game). This is the only level that allows you to fly freely throughout the level.

The centerpiece of this final level Gnasty's Loot, is a huge mountainside with factories and castle-like buildings built within. Inside the mountain is a tunnel with a river lava inside. Among them is one small castle on the cliff in this area where Gnasty Gnorc hid his vast treasure of Gems.

When you begin the level, there will be a limit to how far up Spyro can fly. To get to higher grounds, unlock the doors by catching the Thieves. This level has the largest amount of Gems in the game, but no Dragons or Dragon Eggs to rescue. It is considered the Bonus Level of Spyro the Dragon. This level is one of the native habitats of Thieves. When the level is nearly completed, there is a room that has a portrait of Gnasty Gnorc that's filled entirely with purple gems inside fireworks crates. Congratulations, you completed the game!





Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 35 - Gnastys Loot

Spyro the Dragon 120% Walkthrough - 35 - Gnastys Loot

By ZephyGameGuides


  • This is the only level to contain more than 500 gems in Spyro the Dragon (a total of 2000 gems). Thus making this level contain the most gems in the game.
  • In the late demo, this level is called "BOSS" (despite having nothing to do with a boss), has Dark Hollow's music, is textured a lot differently, the doors have no keyholes, there's no picture of Gnasty Gnorc, and Spyro can only fly as high as the LAST platform he's been at (even after reaching higher places).