Glimmer (グリムランドGlimmer Land in Japanese) is a realm that appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. It is the first realm Spyro visits in the game, as it serves as the Tutorial Level.


Glimmer was the world used by the Professor, Elora and Hunter to summon their protector. They built a smaller gate (smaller than the one in Winter Tundra) and linked it to Dragon World in the hopes of leading a Dragon to Avalar. But to their surprise, the dragon that came was not what they expected and before a new one could arrive, Ripto came and destroyed their portal, leaving them with only Spyro. Little did they realize that Spyro was no ordinary dragon.





Opening Scene

There is none, unless you count the cutscene where Spyro is pulled into Avalar by the residents, and the ultimate problem is introduced: Ripto.

Closing Scene

An indigo lizard is seen leaning up against a wall. The wall suddenly moves, and the lizard falls. It gets up and starts to lean against the wall again. The wall moves a second time and the lizard falls again. The camera zooms out to reveal that the indigo lizard is trying to lean on a cart that is being pulled by a brown lizard. A Gemcutter is luring the brown lizard over the bridge within the cave with a red gem. The brown lizard eagerly follows the Gemcutter, and the indigo lizard falls again, harder this time. He tries to get up, but is instantly run over by a Scarlet Lizard, pulling a significantly smaller cart (NOTE: This closing scene will only play if you go through Glimmer a second time).


Orb Challenges

There are 3 orb challenges in Glimmer. The first two quests are to turn all gem lamps on. There's an outdoor and an indoor challenge. The third challenge tests your aim with spitting rocks at lizards.

The first challenge is located outside. To get to it, go to the end of the level, where the exit portal is. Turn to the left and jump into and out of the corridor, which leads to outside the cave. Make a right and you'll see a platform with a Gemcutter and 2 pyramids on it.

Gem Lamp Flight outdoors

For this challenge, you will need to active a powerup, the gate with the two pyramids. Once activated, it will let you fly for short time. This powerup requires 10 spirit particles to become active. There are 6 gem lamps. To light them up, you need to fly up to them,  and then flame them. Once one is lit, a ray will beam to a massive gem atop the golden castle in the center. This quest is rated 1 star for very easy difficulty. Kanga the Gemcutter will then give you an orb. The second lamp challenge can be found inside the tunnel. The player is told that in order to get there you must learn how to climb ladders, which happens later in the game. However, a player may make it to this challenge without needing to backtrack. 

Pass through the powerup outside, and fly through the windows into the cave. Once you enter the tunnel, your powerup will start to reduce more quickly. Once inside the main area of the cave, fly along the side to Spyro's left. Make sure you're flying as high as you can, enough to touch the ceiling. If you do this right, the powerup will run out just in time for you to glide to the landing at the top of the ladder. Don't forget to hover! Other players may return to this level after learning how to climb in Autumn Plains. This quest is categorized as having a 2-star difficulty because the ceiling obstacles make flying around the cave more difficult. Like the first challenge, you need to flame all the lamps quickly to receive your orb. Roo the Gemcutter will then give you the orb.

Lizard hunt

In this quest Spyro must fire rocks at red lizards that have been stealing gems. This challenge starts not far from the first gem lamp challenge. Head to the second plateau, and to Spyro's right you'll see a small cavern with a Gemcutter inside. This challenge is rated as having a 1-star difficulty and is a great aiming and shooting tutorial. There are six lizards in all, and they may be found all over the level, starting in the second plateau and ending near the start. However, only one lizard comes out at a time. Bounsa the Gemcutter will give you an orb, and will help Spyro by showing him to each of the lizards and giving him rocks to spit at the lizards. Players may have some fun taking down the first 4 lizards with Spyro's own attacks, as rocks aren't necessarily needed.


Glimmer - Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage
Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 1 - Glimmer

Spyro 2- Ripto's Rage! 100% Walkthrough - 1 - Glimmer

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  • Even though this is the "Tutorial Level" in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, you learn to glide in Summer Forest.
  • Glimmer is the only one of the 18 main worlds of Avalar that does not have an opening cutscene upon entering the level.
  • It is possible to completely skip paying Moneybags for the bridge if the Superflame and the All-Abilities cheats are in effect, since there are enough enemies to start up the Superfly power-up before the bridge. Use the Superfly power-up to fly over.
  • Even though Glimmer is a Summer Forest level, Glimmer uses the same textures that appear on some of the portals on Autumn Plains Home.
  • There are three ways to get the orb from the second Superfly challenge without having the ability to climb up the ladder and without cheats or hacks. The first method is to simply use the powerup from the outside portion of the level to fly into the cave. Make sure you're close to the roof of the cave when the powerup begins to drain and if you do it right you'll be able to glide over to the ledge where the second Superfly challenge is. The second method is to jump on the gem nearest the ladder and the ledge upon which the power-up is located and glide over, only to hover as soon as you reach the ledge. The third and final method is to use your permanent flame breath from completing 100% of the game and flame all of the gem lamps in a timely manner.
  • The Quit Game/Exit Level is not in the PAUSE menu when you start your new game.
  • Glimmer is one of the few stages in Spyro 2 to not have a proper "sister" level. It shares this distinction with Hurricos, all of the Speedway Realms, Boss Realms and Dragon Shores.
    • Though one could argue that Hurricos is the sister realm to Glimmer, due to both involving enemies taking over the workplace of the respective realms' inhabitants. There is also the argument that Dragon Shores could serve as the sister stage, as Glimmer is the tutorial stage, and Dragon Shores is the bonus stage, a reward for "mastering" the game.